The History of the Censorship of the Hebrew Book - Censors, Signatures, Books and Manuscripts


Catholic censorship of Hebrew literature had many repercussions and has been extensively studied. One consequence of this activitywas the great number of Hebrew books and manuscripts that survived and is testimony to the work of the censors. The various books and manuscripts contain passages crossed out by Church censors as well as signatures of various censors. This testimony provides information about the activities of the censors in different areas and in different periods in History. A database collating the amassed information in this field, in which the different censors’ names will be recorded, together with a list of the manuscripts and books they censored, the location of the books and manuscripts, date of censorship, place of censorship, and a photocopy of the censorship signatures and formulas, will be of great benefit for the historical study of Hebrew manuscripts and books, of manuscript and printed book collections, of the migration of books and collections and for anyone interested in the history of censorship and its influence on Hebrew books. Analysis of the data will teach us a great deal about the work and influence of the censorship, and will lend support or disprove previous research in the field.

The study will be comprised of two stages. The first stage will entail the construction of a database containing as many manuscripts and books as possible bearing censorship signatures from the 16th century to the 18th century. The second stage of the study will entail analysis of the data found in the database and drawing conclusions from it, as well as a description of the work of the censorship and different censors based on the findings


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